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2010 Ford F250 6.4 Diesel vs V10 Gas Engine
Reg. Mar 2010
Posted 2010-03-30 11:31 PM (#4953)
Subject: 2010 Ford F250 6.4 Diesel vs V10 Gas Engine

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Does anyone know how these two engines compare on fuel mileage and towability. Currently I have a 2007 4-Star 3 horse GN Slantload with a built out 5 foot shortwall living quarters. Trailer weight with one horse is equal to about 9,000 lbs. I am thinking of buying a new truck and want to know if buying a diesel engine warrants the cost over a V-10 gasoline engine. I haul between 3-4 times a month. I live in Illinois so I don't haul too many hills, but mostly on the flat. I don't trailer hundreds of miles at a time, but will be hauling to Michigan, South Dakota, Missouri, and Tennessee in the future. Thanks for your input - much appreciated.
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Reg. Jan 2009
Posted 2010-04-01 10:40 AM (#4954 - in reply to #4953)
Subject: RE: 2010 Ford F250 6.4 Diesel vs V10 Gas Engine

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The little you drive, I would say the V/10 would do the job.

After looking over the post in the trailer side, you see there is some happy and unhappy people with the diesel engines with the DPF and EPA crap on them.

My opinion I would buy a diesel hand down before buying any gas truck. But I haul weekly anywhere from 15-k to 24-klbs and roughly 30-k miles per year. So a gas rig will not hold up to my work load.

I do own a Dodge that did have the DPF mess and yes it was a little trouble, but with a good programmer and a delete kit, I am extremely happy with performance and fuel mileage. There is also the same type kit out for Fords and GM as well.

I am getting 17+ range unloaded and around the 14 range loaded out of my Dodge now. Before it was 15 unloaded and 11 or so loaded.

Some Fords with good driving has been seeing close to 18 empty and 15 loaded with these mods done to them.

Also, it is hard to base and opinion from someone who might do very little driving. The best opinion you will get will be from floks that actually USE their truck daily and actually put miles on the vehicle, not people that only dirve 20-k miles in 5 years.......

I am not sure but I think gard on the trailer side actually owns or owned a V/10 truck.
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