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Best 2010-2011 Diesel Truck?
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Posted 2010-11-09 9:38 AM (#5119)
Subject: Best 2010-2011 Diesel Truck?

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We are in the market for a new truck and want to know what everyones opinion is on the quality of the new trucks available.  I don't want to have a huge payment only to be stranded on the side of the road with a load of horses.

We need a dually and I have two kids, so we need a decent back seat. This truck will be pulling either a 4 or 6 horse trailer with no LQ, but usually loaded down with gear and horses.  Reliability is the single most important factor for me, fuel milage and adequate brakes are also important.  I would have never worried about brakes, but our 2006 Dodge has a hard time stopping our trailers no matter how we have the trailer brakes set.

We need to find something within the next couple months so we can get started breaking it in before we have to start hauling very far.

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Reg. Jan 2009
Posted 2010-11-09 9:46 PM (#5120 - in reply to #5119)
Subject: RE: Best 2010-2011 Diesel Truck?

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Well here is my opinion on the new trucks from the "big 3" and this coming from someone that is in the buisness and has the optin to drive anything I want.

With the new diesel exhaust fluid that is having to be injected to meet so-call epa standards I would wait a few more months before I would jump into any of them to let them work the bugs out alittle more. The main issue so far is the amount of fluid that is being used. The manufactures are telling people that one should go each oil change before having to refill with this $10.00 to $18.00 per gallon fluid. Problem is how are they doing the figures on the amount being used? Based on a empty truck or a truck pulling 15-k lbs..... Everyone I know that has or HAD one is going through roughly 8 gallons every 3-k to 4-k miles with light towing. I sure would hate to pay the bill on oil changes at that rate.

Now we are running into problems with large truck stops offering this fluid at a bulk rate much cheaper than by the gallon at the pump just like you buy diesel. The problem being the fluid is getting contaminated with water and dirt somehow and will cause engine problems and warranty WILL NOT cover it.
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