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Cruise Control Pulsating
Reg. Feb 2011
Posted 2011-02-03 9:38 AM (#5169)
Subject: Cruise Control Pulsating

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Hey there. I have a 2003 Dodge 2500. 4dr long bed with the 5.9L Cummins engine. I also have an Edge Mileage booster programmer box on it. ( I purchased the truck with it on)
The problem I am haveing is this: when I turn the cruise control on it sets, then begins to speed up and slow down slightly. It doesn't do it over 70mph.

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Reg. Jan 2009
Posted 2011-02-14 9:47 PM (#5183 - in reply to #5169)
Subject: RE: Cruise Control Pulsating

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Can't say without actually driving yours but most will do this to some extent. Also depends on what the road conditions are....

If I am on pretty level ground my adjust all the time. But something to also check is the switches on the wheel. Spray some denatured alcohal? (spell check) on and around them and let it dry. You could have some dirt or something sticky under them. (mine 05 had this problem but would try and run away when the cruise was set.)
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