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F250 Oil Pan
Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2011-03-13 2:13 PM (#5199)
Subject: F250 Oil Pan

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Does anyone know, if there is an aftermarket Oil Pan for the 7.3L Desiel? I was hoping to find a 2 peice oil pan. This is the second time, i need to replace it. Last time it was done by Tasca Ford in Cranston RI under warranty. I only have 60k miles on it. I also need to replace transmission cooler lines that run above the oil pan. they are leaking quite a bit. How much should this job Cost?
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Reg. Jan 2009
Posted 2011-03-14 11:18 PM (#5200 - in reply to #5199)
Subject: RE: F250 Oil Pan

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Why are you having to replace the oil pan on a diesel truck???? I have had tons of these trucks with anywhere from 10-k miles all the way to 450-k miles and none of them in need of a oil pan.... Have had a few with a sensor or oil line on the intake side leaking and running down the back side of the engine and 2 with leaking where the dip stick tube screws into the pan.
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