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dpf delete kit and programmer
Reg. Jul 2011
Posted 2011-07-16 1:44 AM (#5263)
Subject: dpf delete kit and programmer

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I just bought a .2011 dodge one tondually. And it sounds like I should put a delete kit and programmer on but were do I go and what's the best brands.
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Reg. Jan 2009
Posted 2011-08-01 11:04 PM (#5280 - in reply to #5263)
Subject: RE: dpf delete kit and programmer

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Is your truck a cab-n-chassis or an actual factory dually?

Best one on the market for the Dodge is the H&S brand. Mine is an early model XRT,but they now have a BLACK MAXX and MINI MAXX out. The only difference is the Black Maxx and Mini Maxx both have shift on the fly and gauges built in to the system. If you have the cab-n-chassis model with the auto tranny and tow alot you will want to stay on or around the 60hp setting because there is no aftermarket upgrades for these tranny yet and these trannys will slip with more power.... I can tell you this myself. I can even make the tranny slip in on the 60hp setting when heavy loaded if I floor it.
On the dually models thye have tons of tranny upgrades and H&S also has a program out for these trannys too.

The up side is better mileage and with the auto the only time I use the tow/haul mode is going through town and wanting more braking power from the EB.
I think the website is or google H&S Performance. Also go to and look around.
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