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Bizzarre truck fire today
Reg. Mar 2004
Posted 2018-02-08 6:28 PM (#6738)
Subject: Bizzarre truck fire today

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Location: new england
Hi.  I usually hang out in the Camping Forum, and this evening thought I'd run this by you folks.     I drive a 2001 f350 4x4 dually.  I've got 137000 carefree miles on this truck.  

Today the truck caught on fire, not the engine but the left rear corner of the truck bed rail.

Got it out with a fire extinguisher and the fire department came and finished the job.  The fire originated in one of the trailer plug outlets and burned through the rhino liner and truck fender, but I got to it before it penetrated to the tires.

Truck had been sitting for a good 4 hours, and I haven't hauled anything in two months. No smell, no indication of a problem of any kind.  Fire Captain says I likely have a bad electrical system in the truck.  Could that be with zero symptoms all these miles?

What could have caused this fire, and what should I be expecting from the insurance adjuster and mechanics tomorrow?
And most importantly, what the heck will a new electrical system going to cost me if that's required?!


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Reg. Nov 2019
Posted 2019-12-02 9:03 PM (#7100 - in reply to #6738)
Subject: RE: Bizzarre truck fire today

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I feel bad for what happened but were you able to fix back your truck or replaced it with a new one?
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