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Could I downsize my truck to pull my big horse trailer??
Reg. Jul 2020
Posted 2020-07-16 9:40 AM (#7126)
Subject: Could I downsize my truck to pull my big horse trailer??

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How to calculate this??? I am looking at trucks to pull a Hart gooseneck trailer with LQ. The Trailer empty weight is 8500, gross weight is 15000, GVWR is 15000. I normally just haul one horse in it so add about 1500 pounds for horse and cargo. The trailer is a LQ. I have a truck that works well, pulls the trailer easily, but its getting old, its becoming unreliable, and im thinking about selling it and getting something more reliable. its a Chevy Silverado 3500 duramax diesel with dualies, and to replace it would cost $$$. The numbers for the Silverado are : empty weight 6309, gross weight 14000, GVWR 14000. Im just wondering if I really need something that big? Do I need dualies? I think I do need a one ton rating? but maybe there are less expensive versions that would work almost as well? I use this trailer about 4 or 5 times a year to areas that dont have hotels. I live on the East coast so the roads are not super mountainous like out west. I drive mostly in VA and MD area. The rest of the time I pull a 2 horse gooseneck trailer. I often park in grass fields so 4WD is sometimes critical in getting out. Any suggestions or information on how I can calculate this for myself would be appreciated!! I just dont trust a truck or trailer dealership sales person on this subject. I feel like the trailer people will say get a smaller truck, its fine, and the truck people will say get the huge truck, you need it. :D


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