A Day in the Life of MrTruck, reviewing 05 F350, Featherlite, Tire Step, Elk in Estes Park and home


Ford drops 2005 F350 off. (10:00 AM) wakes me up. Taking pictures while the sun is high in the sky.

Playing  with TowCommand trailer brake controller in the dash. I like the power rear window.

Throw the tools in the back seat tray, gloves and towels. Can't get too dirty

Ran up to Maxey's Trailers and pickup the Featherlite. Stop at Johnson's Corner for the Super Cinnamon Roll. Full of vitamins

I love the leafless tree look, kinda spooky


Trying to squeeze in a few accessory reviews with the new trucks.

Gotta keep the teenagers busy, told her it was a home school field trip, I can't demonstrate and run the camera.

Up the mountains I go. Just 30 miles away as I weave in and out of tourist traffic. Lake Estes, a good place to smoke my cigar.

Stanley Hotel in the background, could hang out with Steven King or at least his ghost. Who tied this horse to my trailer? Horse rides are year round in Estes. Might need some horses to herd the Elk.

No you can't ride back there.

Yes I'm an Elk herder. Not easy getting them to lay down in the truck bed.

Are you waiting for a special invitation? Get moving toward the truck.

No I didn't say lay down. Yes, drop some smart pills over by the truck. Look at me when I'm talking too you, they think their grazing.

The Elk like to run down hill. Why did the Elk cross the Road? The Sun is going down, time to head back to Denver, don't want to stand inline at the buffet.

Till next time, Good Truck'n.
Kent Sundling (MrTruck)

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