Hummer 2 is a Hum-dinger pulling machine.


Hummer 2, you either hate it or love it. I've never driven such a controversial vehicle. When I pulled into a gas station, (which was often at 12 MPG) people would flock around the Hummer 2 asking questions. On the way back from pulling a 3 horse slant bumper trailer to Estes Park, I was driving through Longmont when a VW van pulled up besides me, started honking and showing me how they count to one with their fingers. Then on I-76 a couple of semi-trucks boxed me in and wouldn't let me pass for several miles. It feels strange to have people judge you by the truck you drive. I had mixed feelings at first also. I turned down my first turn at the Hummer 2 not thinking it fit my readers. But when ever I talked about it, folks got excited, so I thought I better investigate. I see Hummer 2's everywhere and was surprised how well they are selling. My first day behind the wheel, didn't impress me, the visibility isn't good and you feel boxed in with the small windows and low hanging roof mounted center console. By the third day I was having so much fun, I was wondering how soon I could buy one!

Look at the console, even the tranny shifter looks like fun. Plenty of 12Volt outlets everywhere and even front and rear heated seats. On the left of the center console are the transfer case buttons. The Hummer 2 is full-time 4x4 with a locking front and rear differential. (all wheels have power)

My son Dave couldn't find steep enough hills nor deep enough holes to slow down the H2. Well engineered with skid plates and protective braces all under the H2 along with the tranny and transfer case tucked above the bottom of the boxed hydroformed frame, protecting the H2 underbelly. It would be hard to get high centered and stuck. Both axles are so close to the ends of the vehicle that getting hung up at the start or end of a climb would be difficult too.


You just don't find a vehicle that can off-road like a Jeep, pull 7000#'s of trailer and is quiet and comfortable on the freeway. At least not until now! With a 8600# GVW rating, the H2 is in the HD 3/4 ton class, so you won't see the EPA test for gas mileage on the window sticker, which would just scare you anyway. Maximum tow capacity is 7000#'s and with the 35 inch tires, 4.10 axle ratio, powered by the 6.0L V-8 gas engine, 7000#'s would be an easy safe task for the H2. I pulled a Titan Avalanche 3 horse slant steel trailer, (provided by Scott Murdock Trailers) up Big Thompson Canyon to Estes Park. Even though the trailer weighed less than 1/2 the towing capacity, you wouldn't know it was there without looking out the mirrors. But with the rear axle just inches away from the receiver hitch, the H2 does make a very stable trailer tower. After hooking up to the trailer, the tongue weight didn't move the hitch down. Even with rear coil springs, there was no noticeable rear axle movement as I took the mountain curves as fast as traffic would allow.

Usually I'm a tilt-forward hood fan, because of the access, but this is not what I call access.


The shorter wheelbase has to be part of the reason why the H2 is rated to pull less than a 2500 Suburban along with a 6400# curb weight, 604#'s more than a 4x4 2500 Suburban. Actually a closer comparison is with a Tahoe/Yukon. The ride is even similar. The H2 has a longer wheel base than Tahoe/Yukon and is 2 inches wider and taller. They seem to share the same frame, floor, seats and rear axle, giving you dramatically more room than the Hummer 1. Even though the H2 has been called the baby Hummer, H2 is actually taller and longer than the original Hummer 1. Hummer 1 is wider, only comes in a diesel with the drive train boxed in between the seats at a base price of  over $113,000 in a wagon. Seems strange to refer to a H1 as a "wagon." The base price of the H2 is $48,800. The one I drove had leather, heated seats all the way around, 6 disc CD, tubular steps, and a lot of chrome called the 1SC LUX Series for a retail price of $51,990. New this year to loaded GM trucks is express down windows on both front side windows. This came in handy for answering all the questions I got at gas stations. Maybe they thought I was from Hollywood with the California factory license plates and the fact that the average Hummer 2 buyer makes over $150,000/year, but not truck writers.

The rear seats do fold down nicely and there is even a 6th seat option.


The spare tire does take up too much room. I guess the tow hooks are for pulling other folks out. Or maybe that's where you attach the plow!


If you like clearance lights, the H2 is covered in them. Comes in handy if you are several floors up in a hotel and can click your clicker to find where you parked. I need a Hummer for this years trip to SEMA in Vegas. The windshield sets ahead of you at least 6 inches farther than most trucks and is almost flat. This gives you more shade from the sun but makes seeing traffic lights at a stop, a neck twisting event. The H2 had 9 speakers with great stereo. When we were out in the sand hills trying to bury the H2 in a blowout, the quiet interior and stereo made it hard to believe we were going straight up and down sagebrush covered hills. But the 7 interior grab handles came in handy for loading the 6 CD's at an 40 degree angle. Did I mention how much fun the H2 was? But I couldn't get it over 12 mpg, no matter have fast I drove it. The H2 seemed solid, with the stiffer hydroformed frame on this SUV that makes since. Even the running boards were attached better than what you see on trucks.

You try to get it stuck, it's a tank. It would probably take me another week to find that deep hole. The chrome grill looks cool and the lights were great!


The large 17 inch all-terrain tires didn't howl, handled well and certainly match the H2, though the spare seemed to take up half of the rear compartment. The rear seats folded nicely without having to pull out the headrests. The rear doors are larger and easier to get into, it's such a surprise how versatile the H2 is. It would be easy to replace your mini-van and SUV with a H2 and maybe the garden tractor. 

Even the rear had heated seats, see the controls, the stereo and yep, two more 12V outlets.


With the H2, I could drive right to the beach to unload.


"I'll be back" makes you feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger even though his collection is mostly H1's.


Special Thanks to Scott Murdock Trailers for the Titan Avalanche

Author:  Kent Sundling, aka Mr. Truck

Till next time, Good Truck'n.
Kent Sundling (MrTruck)

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