2007 Hino 338

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Drive: 4X2
Mileage: 601126
City: The Villages
State: FL

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Truck Information
Year: 2007
Model: 338
Make: Hino
Engine: Diesel
Dually: Yes
Drive: 4X2
Mileage: 601126
City, St: The Villages, FL
Price: $12,900.00
Stock #:
Description: Engine has NO DEF -Not an illegally modified truck that once was factory equipped with DEF, this unit never had a DEF system in the first place so you have no mechanical or legal issues.

This Class 7 truck was an "Expediter" type unit it its former life. It had both the 96" sleeper that is on it now and a 24' box on the back installed right after it left the factory. I believe it had been leased to first Federal Express and then Panther.

I had the box removed, cut the extra frame and installed a commercial air slide 5th wheel assembly. I also had the proper valving and connections installed to allow for correct use of a trailer with air brakes.

Hino is a division of Toyota. There are thousands of Hinos in use as box/refer trucks, roll backs, tow/wrecker and of course as expediters. It is designed to haul heavy loads all day, every day for hours on end.

With the combination of the Centramatic wheel balancers, new tires, new rear suspension, (springs, bushings, air bags), balanced driveshafts with new U-joints and hanger bearing this truck rides like a luxury car.

Huge 96 sleeper equipped as noted below


Engine is a Hino JO8E designed for 1 million mile service life before rebuild
NO DEF.. No DEF so none of the problems that those systems cause, No wasted money, no wasted down time, no constantly paying for DEF fluid....
Current mileage is 601,126 and the head was just rebuilt with the full Hino rebuild kit so you have a lot of mileage left (Million mile motor)
5 Speed Allison Automatic Transmission
Factory Air Brakes
Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Electric Brake Controller for your electric brake trailer
Full air brake connections for your air brake trailer
Both 7 pin RV type trailer plug and normal 7 pin commercial trailer plug
150 Gallon fuel tank Roughly 800-1,000 mile range depending on how you drive and how much you idle.
MPG between 6.5 and 8 depending on how you drive and how much you idle.
22.5 Tires
Centramatic wheel balancers on all axles
Set up to pull either electric or air brake trailer
Engine valve lash recently adjusted
Electric windows for driver and passenger
Cruise control
Heated mirrors
New dealership installed engine turbo
New alternator, upgraded to 160amp
New high pressure fuel pump
New front wheel bearings, brakes, hubs, seals
New engine fan clutch
Air conditioner system: New compressor, condenser, expansion valve and an additional fan equipped condenser mounted under the sleeper for super cold air, even at engine idle speed.
All driveshafts recently professionally balanced
New driveshaft universal joints new (All)
New driveshaft hanger bearings (All)
New rear suspension air bags (Both)
New rear suspension springs (All/Both sides)
New rear suspension bushings (All/Both sides)
New front and rear shock absorbers
Recent all axle alignment
1 frame mounted (Under sleeper) 24? tool boxes
2 frame mounted (Under sleeper) 36? tool box
3 Group 65 (Large) RV/Marine Deep Cycle batteries for ?House? use when the engine is off.
Main engine starting batteries are completely isolated from any use when engine is off to insure positive engine starting, no matter what.


Double bunk - .Lower 48x78 Upper 30x78. Top bunk folds up. I use it as a large shelve for extra storage and mount for the Sub-woofer speaker box.
12volt / 110volt refrigerator/freezer. Gets cold enough to use the refrigerator compartment as a freezer if you want.
Sink with 15 gallon fresh water holding tank and electric water pump.
2000 watt inverter with remote control panel with shore power ability that will charge batteries when plugged in
TV with built in DVD player
Wired for 110 with outlets in sleeper so no cords running all over
Portable toilet
?Lots of storage - Cabinets everywhere including not 1 but 2 hanging clothes cabinets
12 volt "Fantastic" brand roof vent fan with thermostat remove control for opening and closing and fan speed. Also weather cover so you can have it open even in a rain storm.

SOUND SYSTEM (Radio/Stereo):
Kenwood head unit with HD Radio, Satelite radio, Bluetooth, iPod Control, Advanced Station/Song ID, CD Player, Both front and rear aux inputs.
Rockford Fosgate 400 watt 4 channel amplifier running front Rockford Fosgate coaxial speakers in the dash and 6x9 speakers in back
Rockford Fosgate 500 watt 1 channel bass amplifier with remote running 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1 10" sub woofer?speakers in an airtight box (Mounted against the back wall of the sleeper, centered on the top bunk "Shelve"
Professional, trouble free installation mounted in an easy to access location for easy maintenance if something should need to be worked on.
?The sound system is to be included if the truck is sold at the asking price.
Currently this unit has the factory wheelbase of 309". (Center of front axle to the center of the rear axle). There is a lot of room between the 5th wheel and the back of the fuel tank.
If you want to use the truck to haul a horse?trailer, RV or any other application where you do not need the long frame you can shorten the frame.?
The initial design of the unit allows for shortening very easily. There are already holes in the frame for all the suspension components and there is a short section of driveshaft that you remove.
All you have to do is remove the section of driveshaft, unbolt all the rear suspension, roll the suspension forward, bolt the suspension back in, connect the remaining driveshaft section to the rear end and cut the excess frame off. Once that is done you'll want to go get an all wheel alignment and you're done. A pretty simple weekend project.

The design gives a great ride but more importantly makes hooking and unhooking from a trailer super simple with almost no cranking on the jack handle at all.
To unhook: drop your trailer legs. Crank the handle only until yo start to feel resistance, Usually only 2-4 cranks. Disconnect all electrical and or air lines. Pull the 5th wheel release lever. Get in the truck and hit the air dump valve. Wait about 5 seconds and pull out from under the trailer, close the air dump valve.
To hook back up: Back the truck into position, hit the air dump, back up until the kingpin hits and licks into the 5th wheel plate. close the air dump valve and get out of the truck. Visually check to be sure the pin is in position and the latch is locked. Crank the jack handle 2-3 times to release any remaining pressure on the jacks, pull the manual jack pin, raise the lower part of the jack and pin it in the up position. Connect your electric and or ail lines and your're done.

5th WHEEL:
This is a commercial 5th wheel exactly the same as you would have on any "Normal" 18 wheeler tractor. The pin on these units is the exact same as on a normal RV or horse trailer that is set up for 5th wheel use. Most horse trailers that are set up for a gooseneck ball can easily be converted to 5th wheel use by simply changing the part of the trailer hitch that slides up and down. This part is usually sold at trailer supply places for under $200.
A 5th wheel is far stronger than any gooseneck type hitch and it is far easier to hook up than a gooseneck. As you know, with a gooseneck you have to get exactly under the hitch and sit the trailer exactly on the ball. You also have to have break away chains on a gooseneck. With a 5th wheel you simply back up to the trailer and it locks in, just as I described in the details about the air bags. Break away chains are not required.
If you want, or need, to have access to be able to pull both a 5th wheel and a gooseneck trailer the gooseneck ball could easily be added by any good custom welding shop.
A bumper pull type hitch is not included with this truck but again, any good custom welding shop can fabricate one for you and there are a couple companies that make a bolt on (or weld on) receiver type hitch assembly for this size of truck.
Contact Information
Name: Omar Jobarah
Phone: 407-334-7961
Email: sojobarah@gmail.com
Views: 695

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